Our Work

At Prayag, we have a very diverse yet welcoming work environment, wherein the values of trust, commitment, efficiency and transparency are of paramount importance. We believe in a healthy work - life balance for our employees in order to ensure long - term growth and efficiency. As an essential commodities supplier, we take pride in our work and expect our employees and co - workers also to understand the responsibility that it entails.

Why Prayag

The Corporate tagline - Sehat Ka Khazana - captures the essence of what Prayag stands for. We , as a Company, are committed to our vision of providing high - quality, pure and hygienic Milk and Milk Products to our expanding customer base. The same vision stands true for our employees as well, where our focus is on the all round development of our workforce, with emphasis on their growth and learning.

Our People & Values

The spirit of teamwork and co - existence are imbibed in our employees from the very beginning, as we believe that any and every organisation can only grow with a united workforce. We also emphasize the importance of positive attitude and creative outlook for our employees.

Perspective Employees

At Prayag, we look forward to welcoming employees who share our vision for the brand and are committed to its growth. Additionally, we believe that people who are instinctive, fast learners and have the drive to take initiative, will fit into our work culture perfectly. Moreover, it is our belief that our ability to connect with our employees and partners to create an environment of mutual trust and agreement, that provides us with a strong competitive advantage.

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